Community Garden

Shearwater's community garden is where residents of all ages gather to grow their own fruit, herbs, and vegetables. It's here where families can use their own two hands to contribute to a sense of community and connect with the environment.

How do I use the community garden?

The community garden is open to all residents, but in order to use a garden bed, you must reserve one in advance. Every August, each garden bed becomes available for the upcoming growing season. When you reserve a garden bed, it becomes your responsibility from September through June. The garden beds are assigned to individual households, and everything that grows belongs to that household.
At no time should you pick from a garden bed that you have not reserved.

Is there a fee to reserve a garden bed?

There are nominal fees that help cover the cost of irrigation, soil replenishment, community tools, and guidance throughout the growing season.
2021-2022 Growing Season Fees
Garden Bed Security Deposit: $200
Security Deposit is 100% Refundable
Garden Bed Rental - One-Time Fee:
4x12 Raised Bed - $150
4x12 Ground Bed - $125
4x10 Ground Bed - $100
4x6 Ground Bed - $75

How do I reserve a garden bed?

Residents typically have the opportunity to reserve a garden bed during a 30-day window in August. If you missed this window, you can add your name to the waiting list. In the event someone cancels their reservation before the end of the season, we will contact residents on the waiting list, in the order in which they added their names. Every year in July/August, the garden beds are cleared out, and the waiting list is wiped clean to start the next season on a blank slate. It's this time that a new 30-day window to reserve a garden bed becomes available. If there are more residents interested than the number of garden beds, a lottery is hosted to determine who receives a bed.

Don't have a bed this season? Here's how you can contribute:

  • Join the Green Thumbs Garden Club!  Are you looking to develop your green thumb? Experienced gardeners and beginners will love the Green Thumbs Garden Club. If getting your hands dirty is not for you, still meet with us monthly to share tips, strategies, and all about gardening. To find out more, email
  • Keep an eye on our Community Calendar for our Garden Workshops. These workshops are open to all residents, whether or not you have a garden bed reserved.
  • Add your food scraps and yard waste to the community compost bin. Organic material is always needed and welcomed to create rich compost for all to use. Learn how to compost using our community compost bin.
  • Enjoy fruit from the four community citrus trees. These trees are available for all residents to enjoy, but please make sure the fruit is ripe before picking, and always share with your neighbors!
At no time should you pick from a garden bed that you have not reserved.