Healthy Living Programs

Smart phones and online everything have transformed the way we interact with the world, but there's no substitute for simply communing with nature, or the sense of well-being that comes from beneficial physical activity. That's why, at Shearwater, you'll discover an abundance of recreational programs and activities that will help you reach your Healthy Living goals. We're continuously adding more programs to the calendar to create a little something for everybody.

Aqua Aerobics

Join instructor, Meagan, on Thursdays from 8:00 a.m.- 8:45 a.m. at the Fun Pool. All classes are $8. Bring a neighbor/first-timer to class anytime and pay only $5. Bring your aquatic dumbbells to fully experience this class!
Cash and Venmo accepted. To pay for classes via Venmo, send to @Meagan-Magnani. Contact Meg via email with questions or concerns at
Meet Meagan
Hi, my name is Meg! My family and I have lived in Shearwater for almost 2 years. I currently teach Boot Camp and Aqua Aerobics through the YMCA. I love helping people step out of their comfort zone and try new things. Each workout is a chance to grow and get stronger!

Personal Training

Shearwater has partnered with Stacey's Personal Training to bring you a dedicated team to help you reach your fitness goals. SPT is prepared to teach you everything you need to know about training on your own, or with one of their personal trainers. To find out more information or schedule an appointment, contact Stacey Bone at

SPT Rates:
One-on-one Personal Training - $45 per hour
Partner Training - $30 per hour
Group Training - $25 per hour
Nutritional Guidance - FREE
What do your neighbors think about SPT?
"Stacey’s Personal Training is on point! Stacey provides a highly personalized approach, she has great energy, and is a great motivator! I highly recommend!!!"
- Jennifer Hudson
"My family hired Stacey and Billy for four group sessions. Stacey trained my daughter and I, while Billy trained my husband and son. The sessions were super! We learned how to get a great workout at the Shearwater gym. Initially we were all intimidated with the gym as all of us were used to the "Planet Fitness" setting which consists mainly of weight lifting machines. Stacey and Billy gave us each four high intensity, high energy workouts by teaching us how to use the equipment available at our gym. The workouts are printed out so you can refer to them, make notes and track progress. They also informed us how to grow with the workout and increase the difficulty and intensity. Since I completed my training with Stacey, and have continued my workouts 3-4 times a week, I have dropped 13 pounds and have gone down two sizes. My son has lost weight as well and is feeling better than he ever has. My daughter is more confident and we all are enjoying becoming healthier together as a family! I highly recommend sessions with Stacey and Billy. We plan on getting “refresher" sessions with them in a few months."
- Dana Hinton & Family
"I am a current client of Stacey Bone and have been since March 2017. She is an awesome personal trainer. She works with all shapes and sizes and loves a challenge. I came to her wanting to get healthier and back into shape. She continually challenges me and changes the routine constantly keeping me motivated and all muscles groups well worked. She is very knowledgeable and a highly competent professional in fitness and nutrition. She is always encouraging in a positive way. I have come a long way in getting back into shape and will continue to use Stacey to reach my fitness goals. I highly recommend her."
- Annette Eason
"I heard so many good things about Stacey from my friends that have worked with her, so I wanted to see for myself if she could help me get a plan for getting back in shape. She first had me come to facility and want to introduce me to equipment and learn about my past and my goals. It was important she asked about my medical history as I had vital information that helped her form a schedule and plan for me. My plan involved a different routine each time I worked out. She is very encouraging and really loves her job. I am happy that she is part of Shearwater."
- Neil Gunn
"Stacey has been a life saver for me. I started working out with her 8 months ago to get back in shape. She will totally hold you accountable which I believe is key to a great trainer. She has been creative in developing a plan adjusted to my needs. I'm blessed not only to find a wonderful trainer but also a great friend."
- Tracey Whittaker

Private Tennis Lessons

To help improve your skills on the court, Shearwater has partnered with 904 Tennis to offer private lessons, available to all Shearwater residents. To train with 904 Tennis or find out more information on private lessons, email Ashley Miller at

Group Fitness Classes

From TRX Circuit Workouts to Group Kickboxing Classes, Stacey's Personal Training offers a variety of group fitness classes throughout the year. For more information on Group Fitness Classes, email Stacey Bone at To find out which fitness classes are coming up, checkout the Community Calendar.


Zumba classes are held every Monday and Wednesday in the Group Fitness Room. Join instructor Song on Mondays at 11:00 a.m. and Betzy for evening classes beginning at 6:30 p.m. Drop into Zumba class for just $5!
Contact instructors for questions regarding Zumba class:
Betzy: 407-924-5375.

Kid's Tennis Lessons

Throughout the year, 904 Tennis hosts Kid's Tennis Lessons for a variety of age groups. Whether your child is just learning the game or they're a future tennis pro in the making, these tennis lessons are a great way to get some exercise while making friends. For more information on Kid's Tennis Lessons, please email Ashley Miller To find out which tennis lessons are coming up, checkout the Community Calendar.
To find out which Healthy Living Programs are coming up next, checkout the Community Calendar.