Shearwater Team

Who is CCMC? Capital Consultants Management Corporation (CCMC) is the community management company that provides lifestyle and community association management services to Shearwater and Trout Creek CDD amenities. CCMC currently manages more than 200 of the nation’s most successful master-planned communities. For more information, visit
At CCMC, we believe that a community is more than a collection of homes. For more than 45 years, we’ve built community by connecting residents with each other, their association, neighborhood leaders, the surrounding area and our team. We’re committed to building relationships by bringing people together in the neighborhoods where they live and in the offices where we work. We take pride in ensuring that each community we serve feels like home.
Every day, we demonstrate just how different a community association management company can be. We do so not only through our words and commitment to a service-first philosophy but also through the faces, smiles and togetherness of residents in the communities we serve. We can realize our vision for community life only through the meaningful engagements of our residents. Together, we create a better place to live and a better life.
Meet your CCMC team:
Robert "Rob" Stone
Community Director
My Hometown: Niagra Falls, NY
Joined CCMC: 2021
Key Responsibilities:
  • Leading and coaching the Shearwater team
  • Primary management liaison to Board of Directors and the Trout Creek CDD
  • Oversight of annual operating and reserve budget
Fun Fact:
I was the 4-year varsity soccer team Captain, I like to surf and play golf in my spare time!
Michelle Sharp
Lifestyle Director
My Hometown: Fort Knox, Kentucky
Joined CCMC: 2021
Key Responsibilities:
  • Shearwater Program and Event management
  • Resident Communications
  • Creating unique and fun experiences 
Fun Facts:
I am a certified Wilderness first responder and a white water rafting guide. 
Anthony DeMaio
Maintenance Director
My Hometown: Fort Knox, Kentucky
Joined CCMC: 2021
Key Responsibilities:
Fun Facts:
Connor Norton
Maintenance Technician
My Hometown: Freeport, Florida
Joined CCMC: 2021
Key Responsibilities:
  • General community maintenance oversite
  • Aquatics maintenance
  • Maintenance contract management
Fun Fact: 
I ran track in college and was raised on a real farm. 
Kylie Michals
Community Ambassador
My Hometown: Cumberland, Maryland
Joined CCMC: 2019
Key Responsibilities:
  • DRB Application Submittal Process
  • Connecting residents to all things Shearwater
  • Shearwater amenity access
Fun Fact: 
I was a newspaper girl with a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and was a member of the ski and bowling teams in high school. 
Hours of the HUB
Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 5 PM